Artur CruX
24th Oct 2011, 01:55
The new game is like Resident Evil and Blood Stone 007 .. on one thing:

Press a button to aim before shooting ... is a bit unfortunate, because in all previous titles in sight was active only with gun in hand .. is a characteristic of the Hitman franchise.

We will no longer be able to shoot quickly or we will have a greater breadth of view = zoom, sudden change of camera .. hinders the reasoning .. what remains becomes "You can not pull a gun and shoot your enemy before they scream or do anything."
The graphics are beautiful ... But the game seems linear (at least this phase, which can be a tutorial). ..

I'll be satisfied if the shot system will to be like in previous games ..
Hey.. people of THE IO..
button to aim before firing = ERROR = 007 Blood Stone and Resident Evil = little time = No way.....

It would be nice if the IO considered opinions of the players ... especially those who follow the franchise for years.


24th Oct 2011, 06:21
Do you have a link to support this?

29th Oct 2011, 03:46
I kind of agree that when he takes out his gun or pistole the cross hairs should always be up on the screen just like in the older games.
But I the L trigger system could be good.

Artur CruX
2nd Nov 2011, 02:31
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not is like a COD survey.... or.. dont know..

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2nd Nov 2011, 05:40
What you just said makes no sense.

4th Nov 2011, 17:05
Do you have a link to support this?

It's in the Run for you life gameplay trailer and you'll see 47 aiming his gun like in Gears of war. So its definitely worth talking about because i like when 47 holds the gun behind his back and walks up to whoever He about to shoot. I like the L trigger aiming but I just think, at least with the one handed guns the cross hairs should be on screen when the gun is out so that you can get a quick head shot.

11th Nov 2011, 02:44
all i can say is thank god for the holster mechanic that allows you to quickly put away any concealable weapon, and vice/versa.

w/o this, i dont think i would have been able to slice lee hong's throat from behind as he paced about the HQ, after i poisened tzun and snuck in as a red dragon thug, then quickly took the lift to the boat to get the heck out of there in codename 47. gotta be one of the most underrated games in history.