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22nd Oct 2011, 16:31

I am playing the DLC and there are two questions:

After i have left the ship and entered the level with the three cargo bay's:

The door to cargo bay 3 is closed and i cant open this door. this door has no code-pad oder something... is this a bug or which way i can enter this section?

I am talking about the red marked area:

http://img28.imageshack.us/img28/2483/2011102200002.jpg (http://imageshack.us/photo/my-images/28/2011102200002.jpg/)

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2) In the ship, at the end of the level, there are some decks connected with ladders. but there is one deck (deck #1) i cant enter, because the that ladders are behind unbreakable walls....

22nd Oct 2011, 16:41
i have it saved right there as i leave the ship, will be playing the rest 2nite,

i notice theres 2 stairways in that area u have highlighted, maybe u can get there from another level ?,

have u found a silencer around that area ?

22nd Oct 2011, 16:56
the both ladders guide only to an upper level of this area... i found a silencer... but i dont know where :D

23rd Oct 2011, 02:46
at this spot now and looked everywhere for a way in ??

and the silencer is in the section to the right of loading bay 2, in the office part.

anyone know how to get into the area marked in red ?

23rd Oct 2011, 06:36
Just follow the main quest and you'll finallly get there.

23rd Oct 2011, 09:37
ok thanks, but what about deck #1 at the end of the "inside-ship-level"?

23rd Oct 2011, 14:04
ok i have finished the DCL and there is one question about the story:

the last cutscene, when adam is picked up by the helicopter there is a dialog between "Quinn" and somebody else with a mechanical voice. they talk about: "...we could tell him the truth..."

What does this mean? What is the truth they dont tell adam? And who is Quinn and that voice really?

23rd Oct 2011, 16:01
Maybe the truth about MJ12 and Page's plans. This DLC is more about Page's manipulations than the actual conspiracy "illuminatti vs sarif ind".

23rd Oct 2011, 17:16
how much content is left after this cargo area ?, i saved it last nite at the holding cells/detention centre place just after this cargo area.. it feels around the halfway point, much left ?

23rd Oct 2011, 20:28
Only 2 little areas and the Cargo bay 3 to the end

23rd Oct 2011, 23:44
I may be wrong but I don't think its possible to get to Deck 1. I tried to do the same. Its possible to get to all the other levels except this one.