View Full Version : typhoon turrets question

20th Oct 2011, 11:40
Are the new turrets found in Missing Link destroyable without setting off the alarm? I'm a ghost/smooth operator type player, but I always make an effort to disable/destroy mechs/turrets. I was able to EMP the turrets after intentionally setting off an alarm, but that was only to test. e.g. typhoon for bots is effective if no one is around, or emp mines. Do these new turrets give xp on death? (hunk of junk or similar) When I emp'd one, it did not seem to do so.

20th Oct 2011, 16:03
If you tried and it didnt, they probably no.

Ultim Garde
20th Oct 2011, 18:20
I used a single frag grenade on one and it got the job done. I can't remember if I got any XP for it though. I'm more of a max force commando type.