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19th Oct 2011, 15:57
I just bought Just Cause 2 the other day and I played through the opening two missions(The Tutorial and The Casino one) and I was having a blast. I was wandering around the islands and I had missions to go talk to the three different tribes/clans/gangs and I chose the roaches. I did some mission to take over the harbor, and after successfully completing I tried to fly a plane for the first time and died. After respawning, I have no weapons, I have no idea where to get more weapons, I press 4 to call the Black Market guy and apparently I don't have that anymore either, when I press F1 to bring up my map, all I see are military bases on the map now whereas I used to see all the different factions.

I'm not sure what I'm supposed to do without the markers and weapons?

19th Oct 2011, 23:21
My computer states:


Either try again or try opening with /failsafe.

The problem is I dont know what a /failsafe is and what I need to download.
I can get into the opening screen but when I click play it dies and the computer crashes.

Please help if you know what to do.


Rico Scorpio
23rd Nov 2011, 03:12
Try to save often in case of situations like this. You died, and the game reloaded to the earliest save-point.