View Full Version : Missing Link - password for OPSEC-HUB_08 doesn't exist!

18th Oct 2011, 23:28
I've looked, and looked, and looked, and looked. I'm not using any Praxis kits to beat the game, but this OPSEC-HUB_08 password is nowhere to be found. It's the next set of computers you run into after the CIC. There is a guy standing in a cargo container across from it.


edit: since this computer terminal only turns off cameras I guess it's possible there isn't a pocket secretary anywhere with the password.

18th Oct 2011, 23:29
Use a AUD...

18th Oct 2011, 23:40
Use a AUD...

? you obviously didn't read my post, yet you reply to it... awesome.

19th Oct 2011, 00:49
I thought in the original game there were lots of things with no passwords/passcodes to be found. None of them critical to progressing in the game, but they were there.

Locutus of BORG
19th Oct 2011, 02:54
Use a AUD...

You don't get those in the DLC... at least I didn't.. :confused:

19th Oct 2011, 03:02
NVM, I hadn't realizing the DLC came out. My mistake.

20th Nov 2011, 08:11
I realize I'm a month late, but the password is:

18th Dec 2011, 18:53
Thanks for the code cause I was stuck on that one for about half an hour. But I do have one question. Where did you find the code?

21st Jan 2012, 09:41
i'd like to know where it was found too!