View Full Version : FFXIV: Fates Overload

2nd May 2014, 01:26
After only 18+ lv's I'm absolutely sick of Fates popin up every two seconds!?! LOL! :nut:

Fates should be far less common, not Rare but Uncommon at best. then have great exp & rewards when they do appear & the Fates would be a much more Special occurrence.

Right now? its just Ridiculous IMO :scratch:

And BTW SE? 18+ lvs & I'm not allowed to post on the Official FF Forums!?! because my main character is not high enough!?! WTF are you people smoking!?! LOL! Absolutely Ridiculous :mad2:

2nd May 2014, 07:25
The thing with FATE's is that you don't have to participate, you can just carry on with what you where doing. If you're sick of them at this point then wait until end game where you have to do hundreds to work towards getting the Zodiac upgrade for your relic weapon ;)

As for the Lodestone level limit, I totally agree that it's a daft system and many people have complained about it but nothing seems to change :(