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15th Oct 2011, 21:13
Here to discuss the social stealth mechanics of Absolution and bounce a couple of ideas off of you
The new mechanics, like using focus to blend in better (47 tilting head, eating donut etc.) are a great addition and are greatly welcome as the current mechanics became to feel a little dated (White, bald Sikh...anyone?), and the revamped alert phase (where you disguise is only blown within certain circles...you can eliminate said 'circles' to maintain it...Like 2 cops who see you killing someone as a waiter...dropping the cops maintains your disguise)
is another mechanic which adds depth to the game.
Since disguises and social stealth is the core of Hitman...here are a couple of ideas to add to the above

1. Disguises affected by Wounds, blood: This was incorporated in a barely known yet pretty good hitman-esque game called Death to Spies...where to be able to wear someone's clothes you had to subdue them by non-lethal means...no Knife kills, no bullet holes, no blood. This would add an element of realism to the game and make the disguise mechanic less gimmicky
Another great addition would be the addition of 4 major body archetypes for the NPCs...and Hitman has to target the right one (similar build) to obtain the right set of clothes....too small or too large would be a problem. Although this might pose some great design and technical problems (Modelling over 100s of different guard types...:nut:)

2. Gait and Mimicry: Another feature which might add depth to the gameplay would be to mimic the actions and the gait of the organisation you are pretending to be a member of. The tilt of your analogue stick could determine movement speed and gait when in disguise. A relaxed slow walk when disguised as a cop in a low alert phase....a brisk walk-run when the place has been alerted and the cops are alarmed...a full run when the cops are REALLY alarmed. This not only affects your speed...but also the walk animation. The player will have to decide which gait/speed would suit him best.
Suppose the player is able to initiate a fire alarm...he is then able to run around without drawing too much attention, but in a calm and relaxed atmosphere, he'll have to slow down a bit.

3. Suspect Recognition: This would make the alarm system a multi-tiered one.
If 47 behaves suspiciously, runs around too much, draws too much attention....the security forces will 'catalogue' his 'face'. Once this has been done..the player will be given a tip-off that he is now under scrutiny and overt actions will lead to problems. Once there has been a disturbance or a death...47, if spotted by the guards will be immediately cornered for questioning, and will be treated as a suspect. If he has a disguise, close proximity to alert guards will trigger the same response...they'll become suspicious and if 47 is unable to 'contain the situation' they will blow his cover and report him as THE main suspect....further complicating things.
If 47 behaves himself...not cataloguing and the guards won't bother him much even after a major incident

Do post your own ideas and feedback