View Full Version : What would YOU do in a zombie apocalypse?

15th Oct 2011, 20:20
We often talk about Resident Evil, but I don't think we've ever talked about what any of us would do if something like that ever came true... How would you react if you saw something about that on the news?

What would you do if you saw a zombie coming at you? Would you give it a big hug :group_hug:? Or would you beat the crap out of it? :scratch:

I always wonder what I would do. Finally I realized: Just give me a rocket launcher with infinite ammo and I'm good... :D

I hope this we'll be a funny thread. Posted it here (and not in community chat) cause this is the subforum I visit the most, hope you don't mind.

15th Oct 2011, 20:29
See, what I'd like to do, and what I would end up doing are two different things... First, I'd stock up on kitchen knives and bats, then head to a police station and grab some guns and ammo, then steal a car and drive to a hospital where I would barricade myself in a couple wards, maybe even taking a couple floors is there are any other survivors... However, if it were to actually to happen, I'd probably crap myself, steal a car and drive to my caravan in Cornwall... (I can't drive but who's gonna care :))

15th Oct 2011, 23:13
LoL I've actually thought about this before. I would like to think that I'd have a nice big bunker under my house stocked full of food, water, and guns and ammo, but yeah those things are expensive to build so I doubt it. I'm sure I'd just make sure my friends and family are ok via phone and just keep myself and my family barricaded inside my house after stocking it w/ supplys. Maybe go out on a few raids and grab a new tv or two while the rest of society is running around in a panic and not paying attention to what's going on in the electronic stores lol.

I mean, I'd love to say: "I'm gonna load me up a shotgun and go 'a zombie slayin'!" but the first zombie I came across and had in my sights I'd probably end up thinking "Aw, man. That's somebody's dad!" or whatever. I'm not a good animal hunter (deer and whatnot) so I doubt I'd be a good zombie hunter. If they tried forcing their way into my barricaded house tho, yeah, Lead Salad Sandwhich for 'em.

sierra xb
15th Oct 2011, 23:48
i don't know what I'd do, except everytime I think about zombies, I keep getting an image of Col. Sheppard from Stargate Atlantis and a P-90...with LOTS of extra ammo :p

Of course after that, I keep thinking that there will allways be more zombies than bullets, so finding a fast car to leave in a hurry with would also be nice.

16th Oct 2011, 00:13
Just give me a rocket launcher with infinite ammo and I'm good... :D

Man, you sure know how to make a thread, I always think about zombie apocalypse and how it would be cool if they were slow and you would just kill them like ragdolls with infinite ammo, since guns are probably everywhere:D Yeah, that would be the best-case scenario. And I'm more hyped about it since I watched The Walking Dead (TV series). But, it would be a bummer if friends or family turn into zombies... So I'd prefer those old-school back-from-the-grave zombies :D Nice thread :thumb:

16th Oct 2011, 09:24
I would search for close range weapons, food and guns.

I'd rather have more 1-hit-kil short range weapons like a katana or something than a gun, because if your gun runs out of ammo, you're basically screwed XD

And like sierra xb said, a car would be nice to escape from though situations :p

16th Oct 2011, 13:23
angelus, you really have nothing better to do than think about zombies? :lol: Just joking, I guess everyone who played/watched RE thought about that.

First I would search for easy-to-use tools. My Dad's tool box would basically be all that I need. Knifes, drilling machines, pincers, everything is in there. Just imagine fighting a zombie with a drilling machine. OR... I would just run no matter what! :lol:

28th Oct 2011, 20:20
Glad(os) some of you love the thread. ;)

Okay, so I had a zombie apocalypse dream a couple of nights ago. I remember it pretty well. All I will tell you is that the zombies were pretty slow and you could just walk around them. AND! I wasn't afraid, I was pretty calm and I didn't piss my pants... :D

28th Oct 2011, 20:44
I think Resident Evil is more topic conversation than Tomb Raider is... okay, I'm to blame a bit. ;)

Anywho, I've had conversations of this nature with my mate as we've been aimlessly wandering in the past... and when we've been either playing something or watching something to do with zombies...

And I would gather what mates are left, make sure we had an array of iPods or at least (music), rave to Michael Jackson & Marilyn Manson... turn life into Kill Bill but with zombies and then retire to live in the countryside.:lol:

8th Dec 2011, 11:20


8th Dec 2011, 15:29
Nice advice!
But... knowing me, i'd just end up curling up in a ball somewhere and cry and then die.
Nah, i'd grab a shovel from the shed and whack the zombies to death. But we're pretty safe. It's a quiet area, yes we live next to a school, but the school metal spikey fence is huge and stops the zombies from coming down the banking and entering our home. We have a massive gate and fence to the side of our house and because it's semi detached, if zombies tried to get to our garden through our neighbours, they can't because there's a good ol' fence in the way. And we have our door. As for windows, grab wood and bolt them to the wall. MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.
And we have our handy kitchen knives.
If that didn't work though, i'd grab some kitchen supplies (including food) and knives and shizzle and we'd jump in our car and drive away.
(I'd probably just die anyway.)