View Full Version : End of closed beta ?

1st May 2014, 15:00
So to sum up, I'm currently passing my exams and I intend to buy a founder pack afterward (to not waste boost, stuff like that...). But I read on a videogame site that the closed beta finishes soon.
Any confirmation ?
Any date ?
At least, the game will remain in closed beta next week ?


1st May 2014, 15:03
From what I can recall is that they said they will wait until both factions have 5 classes available each before Open Beta happens.

So far Vampires have 4 and humans have 3 with their next class coming sometime... soon. Most likely within a few weeks.

Either way, Open Beta is probably months off. You have nothing to worry about.

1st May 2014, 18:17
Ok thanks for your answer

1st May 2014, 22:34
I hope so. I want to get a new laptop and play properly before open beta, but got so much uni stuff to do.

1st May 2014, 23:24
The chance for Open beta is around August and upwards, but there is no known ETA, this is speculation from my part.