View Full Version : Lethal and Non-lethal take down

11th Oct 2011, 15:04
I loved what you guys did with Deus Ex. I want to be able to choose whether to kill the NPC or just Stun him. I think press button to Stun and hold button to kill method will do just fine.
I've watched the Full walkthrough video. The non-lethal take down is way too fast. When you want to make some one run out of air by squeezing their neck, you will have to hold on to it for more than 5 second like in the demo. I think 30 seconds will make senss. And also, if I can choose the non lethal take down or lethal take down, I want that choice to be punished. Like, if I kill a guy with a kinfe, it'll leave a trace of blood and the alarm can be sound off, but the take down will be fast and silence. In contrary, if I knock a guy out or squeezing his neck, the take down should be long and anyone nearby can hear the sound. When some one find that guy, he will wakes up and sound the alarm.
That's what I thought would make the game more realistic.
Good job IO!! The demo took my breath away. It's worth all my wait for the last two years. Wish you all the best.

12th Oct 2011, 04:43
If done correctly you can choke someone out in a few seconds, 30 seconds is wayy too long especially for a skilled assassin like 47

12th Oct 2011, 05:43
It has never been 30 seconds to choke someone out in a hitman game. Not even half that.

13th Oct 2011, 14:59
I had some research about knock out technique. Actually if you do it right( Hitman always do), you can cut off the blood supply( not the air supply which would take a lot longer) to the brain and choke some one out in a few sec. I think it make sense.

13th Oct 2011, 15:02
But still, I think it would take longer than what 47 did in the demo. I think the take down should last a few second longer.