View Full Version : Save file issues - Transfer save to new PC?

10th Oct 2011, 09:05
Recently, the PC I had played through the entirety of Arkham Asylum on died a magnificent death. Fortunately, I was able to back up all data on the C drive before it completely died, including my AA save file. And now, I have a new PC that works quite well, and so reinstalled AA.

The problem comes in when I try and get the game to read my old save file. Upon navigating to where the save files are kept (My Documents\Square Enix\Batman Arkham Asylum GOTY\SaveData) on the backup of my old PC's hard drive, I found the folder that contained my save file. I tried copying this folder into the same location on my new PC, but the game would not read it. I then started a new save file, and noticed the game created a new folder in the same location. So, I thought to replace the file it had created (Save0.sgd) with my old, complete file. Having done this, I again booted the game, only to be told the file was corrupt, which I'm quite sure probably isn't the case.

I'm using the same Steam account as before, and the same Windows Live profile, so there's surely a way to make the game acknowledge my save file? Any help would be greatly appreciated.

12th Oct 2011, 06:57
Well, after extensive research, I realised I'm very much not alone on this issue. Much as I enjoy having Games for Windows Live (I'm primarily a console gamer, so being able to earn achievements and communicate with my Xbox 360 friends while playing a PC game is really nice), it seems that it's not the greatest thing in the world when it comes to PC gaming. That said, I did manage to fix the issue.

I'm glad I backed up my entire C drive, as it seems that save files are tied not just to Windows Live account, but to a specific install of the account. As such, I went to the location my Windows Live profile is stored (C\Users\Yalecsa\AppData\Local\Microsoft\XLive) and replaced all the folders and the contents within those from my backup. Loaded up the game, was asked for my serial key again, was worried that that meant something had gone wrong, enter it anyway... and then, all of a sudden, it gives me my save file. 88%, game complete on hard mode, happy Yalecsa with a smile on her face.

So, I'll leave this information here in case it helps someone in a similar situation? Now if you'll excuse me, I have some challenge maps to complete. :D