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Smith Brian
8th Oct 2011, 11:08
Hello guys/gals

A friend of mine at work won't stop talking about this game so I finally bought it. I am finding that I am in need of more credits then the stuff I get during missions. Can someone tell me an easy way to get credits please?

8th Oct 2011, 11:17
They are lying around almost everywhere. Just look under containers, on boxes and in drawers. You can also get money from the guys you knock out/kill. When I collected all the money I could find I almost had too much. There is supposedly to be a patch where you get more credits and ammunition, but I haven't used that yet..

8th Oct 2011, 14:04
Ditto the above comment. I had more than enough credit and finished the game with a healthy bank balance! In office blocks always search through desk drawers and desktops, search every person you kill, look around people's apartments. I was quite surprised by how much credit could be found. The same applies to ammunition.