View Full Version : Seeking help on Batman Arkam Tattoo Sleeve!

6th Oct 2011, 14:19
Hello everyone!

I have been searching for all the amazing artwork on these forums and so far wow amazed!, i need help if that's ok,

I am planning my next Tattoo and im thinking a Batman Sleeve!

I was thinking of Harley Quinn Pin up aswell as a nice joker piece with other elements from batman but the first part im getting done will be harley, problem i have is i love the old harley from the 90's cartoons but after arkam asylum i cant get her out my head in that nurses uniform! also the new outfit in arkam city looks sexy,

im looking to find really good pin ups of either harleys but it seems kinda hard to find good art to work off of for the tattoo as the quality needs to be decent to work from, I hope someone can help me out or recommend anything also note im thinking of getting harley on my lower arm with batman logo on my wrist :p,

ooh heres a link to my Tattoos for you all to checkout,


7th Oct 2011, 01:26
Lol, why do you have an Onlive tat? :P

Idk, what about this one?..

7th Oct 2011, 01:54
yes, thats what im talking about can anyone find a nurse version close to the same as this baby,

and yes i have an onlive tat :p i love the service to bits also im close friends with the guys over at Onlive!

but yeah so far am gonna go for a full blown sleeve with harley joker batman logo anything other fans can recommend :p

6th Jul 2012, 12:06
A batman would look amazing. Did you get your batman tattoo? I was looking for a new design. Can you show me your tattoo??

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