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5th Oct 2011, 12:11
Eurogamer has an interview up which can be found here:


5th Oct 2011, 18:18
Nice, though it seems very logical for online leaderboards to be the online solution for single player. There has definately got to be a time leaderboard for Silent Assassin ranks only if this is the case. The fanbase would go nuts trying to get 5 minute silent assassin's or going off of blood money, 30 seconds to a minute in some rare cases.

This interview also kills alot of the negative troll suggestions early on which I'm glad about. Confirmation of multiple routes and SA Ranks for all missions makes me happy also, reading "stealth assassin" grated on me though considering its been silent assassin since hitman 2.

Now all I want to know is when I/we can expect to see even another teaser trailer for hitman absolution, because if it's one thing hitman trailers are it's badass.

6th Oct 2011, 06:49
"Eurogamer: So, for fans who played previous Hitman games and loved them, they can play this game just the way they want to?
Hakan Abrak: Definitely."

"Eurogamer: In the gameplay demo you've shown, Hitman sneaks about a library killing many cops, before he sneaks out. Would you be able to replay that level and not kill anyone?
Hakan Abrak: Yeah...Typically, there will be three or four approaches to almost every situation in the game. You have stealth assassin achievements, so you can complete the game as a stealth assassin."