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3rd Oct 2011, 14:26
A year ago, on these very forums, I started a thread where I collected our feed-backs for Rocksteady Studios and since Arkham City will soon be released, I thought that it would have been nice to see what feed-backs made it into the final game: that's why I brought you that list here.
Actually there are a lot of feed-backs that made it to the final game and even if we can't take credit for them it might be worth checking this list to see if your ideas became true.

--Silent Predator--

Here some new ideas of Takedowns:

- Through Wall/Grate Takedown: Batman pull someone through a thin/fragile wall or trough a grate, knocking him out.SammiiDoogles
- "High Ground Takedown": an Inverted Takedown performed from everything high but gargoyles.SammiiDoogles
- Floor Grate Takedown: while hiding in a grate under the floor Batman grab the enemy by the feet and drag him down.SammiiDoogles
- Shadow Takedown: While hidden in a shadow Batman reach out with the cape and wrap the enemy in.SammiiDoogles
- Double Inverted Takedown: Batman descends from his hiding spot ad and smash the 2 enemies' heads together, then hang them.SammiiDoogles
- Double Silent Takedowns: Batman incapacitates two enemies that stand close.Cjail
- Trap Takedown: Hanging takedown that involves the use of traps/"rope".Abeja
- Weapon Silent Taketown: Batman use the enemy's weapon to knock him out and then dismantle/brake it.Cjail
- "Predator Environmental Takedowns": Batman use the environment to k.o. an enemy!StellarVendetta


- Environmental Takedowns: takedowns that use close walls, surfaces, objects, in order to knock out the enemy. StellarVendetta
- The ability to counter an incoming attack from another foe while executing a Ground Takedown Rebreather#62 or at least change the "Ground takedown" thus to be faster.Cjail
- Enemies could coordinate their attacks performing "couple attacks". KainBenidorm
- A "counter upgrade/special counter" that allows Batman/you, if timed properly, to destroy or dismantle enemy's weapons (this may work only with guns or breakable objects like bottles, wood planks, etc... ) Rebreather#62
- Double/Multiple Takedowns. Rebreather#62
- Free-flow expanded to have longer 1-1 fights. Yabab
- More types of "Throw" than just the "Darth Vader Style Throw" Cjail
- A "Smoke Pellets Takedown": Batman thorws some smoke pellets on the ground and then thake out the enemy in the cloud! MCREF
- A "new counter uprade/ability" that lets you counter more than one thug: Batman could grab one guy's arm, kick another incomig thug away, and then throw the first guy into a third. deathbyoatmeal1
- Thugs could use more weapons: broken bottles, chairs, etc... Out_Of_The_Shadows

--New Skills--

- Possibility to interrogate enemies.Rareless09
- Possibility to hide bodies. Cjail
- Ability to hide in the shadow using the cape. Viceroy Phoenix
- Ability to use objects of the environment: bottles, rocks, etc... Cjail
- Possibility to use gadgets in order to: brake lights, cut down chandeliers (just a joke), trigger explosions, brake steam pipes, etc.. Shirona
- Throwable gadgets could be used to effect the enemy's body: head=stun, leg=lame, hand=disarm, etc.. CodeBlack
- Possibility to use the Grapple even while swinging, gliding and jumping (Bionic Commando style). SammiiDoogles
- Some free-climbing abilities. Cjail
- Possibility to strike fear in your enemies expanded trough: use of gadgets, interaction with the environment (turn off lights,etc...), ability to make creepy noises, etc...Batmanhill6157
- Possibility to Glide and break through windows. Rareless09
- Ability to immobilize K.O. enemies. Cjail
- The ability to grab and not immediately throw. TheCluemaster
- The ability to conceal yourself with the cape thus to be noticed less likely. kalle90

--New Gadgets--

- Smoke Grenades that temporarily mask your location. Rareless09
- An Audio Enhancer that lets you listen in on conversations. Rareless09
- Bolas; that can be picked up again after use. Rebreather#62
- "Bat Lurer": a gadgets that calls in a swarm of bats (just like in Batman Begins) that attack enemies.Eply
- "Bat-claptrops" that can be used to create traps and to slow enemies/vehicles. Cjail
- Bat-Cuffs that can immobilize K.O. enemies, but just for a limited time. SeriousHouse
- Flash Bombs/Pellets that blind enemies.TheBat
- Lock picks, glass cutter, laser cutter.. for getting to all places. Paulley
- Ice Pellets: throwable pellets that explode by contact and release a freezing substance that blocks enemies' limbs.FrozenInferno
- Possibility to combine gadgets.Scarn
- Bart Simpson's GO-GO RAY. Cjail
-A EMP "emitter" that can disable electronic devices and lights.deathbyoatmeal1

--Various Features--

- Possibility to drive/control a "Bat-vehicle". CaptainMcMulla
- The "radio channel" with Oracle (or other allies) could be used whenever we want. Cjail
- Implementation of light-shadow zones that effect Batman stealth. Cjail
- Maybe a total black suit/costume for Batman. Cjail
- A "New Game + mode" for more reply value. Cjail
- Introduction of "rescue sequences" in which Batman can rescue civilians using the Grapple. TheBat
- Scalable environments. Cjail
- Joker's face on the 1$ bill.
- Goons could react in more different ways when terrified.Paulley
- "Riddler Challenges": riddles that require different time-limited tasks in order to be completed: complete an acrobatics track , bomb defusing, etc... CodeBlack
- Weather changes. SolidSnake_123
- "Theatre mode": a menu that allows you to watch all the cut-scenes in the game. CaptainMcMulla
- Receiving too much damage or special kind of traumas, could effect Batman's conditions: dislocations, bleeding, etc... Cjail
- Puzzles that require the use of "Detective Mode" Cjail
- More Extras like: concept arts, different costumes, interviews with the actors, etc... Cjail
- Possibility to turn off the "Counter Indicator" even during challenges (the counter doesen't influence the gamplay as the challenges remain the same on every difficulty.) Cjail & Green Lantern
- A "super challenge stage" where Batman fights ALL of his arch-enemies: Joker, Penguin, Two Face, Scarecrow, etc... TheBrandon
- A "Medic Thug" that knows how to awake/revive incapacitated thugs. (This really could lead to many tactical solutions while in Silent Predator sessions). kalle90
- A "Custom Free-flow/Silent-Predator Challenge Mode"; a challenge where players can decide: how many enemies to face (even unlimited in fights), number of rounds, types of enemies to fight, where to play, succeeding conditions, gadgets, etc...Doat1
- Would be nice to have some kind of "in-game reward" for having a complete save data of Batman: Arkham Asylum. Cjail
- "Dynamic Riddles": riddles that require a certain action (not a challenge) to be solved: throw a gadget, kick something, etc..Zboto
- Sometimes the character's lips are not syncronized with the voices: this should be corrected in AA2. Issue noted almost by everyone!
- Possibility to play challenges as a villain. Popular feed-back
- Make the cape move more realistically: when Batman runs/fights, the cape should go off his shoulders, and while he walks (either standing up or crouched) the cape should be "all over him closed" ThePredatorFPSBANANA
- Thugs awareness to be more realistic: it is weird to see that once an enemy sees you every other thug in the room knows your position even without being told. Saviorof Arkham7

3rd Oct 2011, 17:33
That's awesome.. now the only thing this game needs is music playback. Something most games ignore. But it's a really great feature more games should have. [:
I really hope Rocksteady thought to do it..

Batman The Trailer Hunter
4th Oct 2011, 00:43
In a nut shell. YES! This forum has shaped the new game!

7th Oct 2011, 17:17
Holy crap what a trip down memory lane this was. Interesting to see too that a good number of these have already been confirmed to be included in Arkham City.

These next 11 days will be the longest...ever...

10th Oct 2011, 03:36
Holy crap indeed lol, I remember posting that on this forum a long long time ago and I also posted it on the official forum. I asked if they used my idea but never got an answer. I even told them I don't care about any legal issues I just want them to have that feature in the game and I would have loved to help them plan it out.

10th Oct 2011, 03:50
Holy crap indeed lol, I remember posting that on this forum a long long time ago and I also posted it on the official forum. I asked if they used my idea but never got an answer. I even told them I don't care about any legal issues I just want them to have that feature in the game and I would have loved to help them plan it out.



Back on topic:

Wow, that's too similar to be a coincidence. They had to have read here.

Even when a new forum is set up specifically for it, they understand where Arkham began and will end.:)

10th Oct 2011, 18:00
Arkham City. I don't know who really was the first to make up the name but atleast I threw it out way before announcement

It's way early but just for the sake of it I'm going to suggest the next game being called Gotham Crisis. Ra's becomes the new main villain gaining control of Gotham. Quincy sees everything's going out of control and manages to blockade the city like Raccoon City eventually deciding that everything needs to be wiped out so the city can start clean. Batman (Robin&Nightwing&Possibly someone else) are the only ones leaving behind to help the civilians and strike down Ghuls rising empire that has been joined by more and more super villains. They have access to Wayne Manor so Batvehicles will be integrated into game. Would be cool if Lazarus Pit played a key role. And Gordon is a double agent. Also a great chance for Ras' to question Batman's loyalties when he should be stopping Quincy who is perhaps the worst monster of all.

Oh forgot all about the list. I dont know man. Many of them are very logical continuations to AAsylum so unless Rocksteady really got lazy they were pretty likely to do them anyway. But a few are so obscure I got to hope that Rocksteady did take a note. Thanks anyway

11th Oct 2011, 04:54
well i have heard there is twice as many gadgets as there were in the first so smoke bombs ect.. could be in there.

does anyone besides me feel that we have gotten less information about AC then we did about AA

11th Oct 2011, 07:11
does anyone besides me feel that we have gotten less information about AC then we did about AA

AC has nothing to prove, million sales are guaranteed.

besides revealing too much can be bad this time. afterall this will be a small update compared to AA that started it all with everything from batarangs to Joker not being the only villain as news

11th Oct 2011, 11:38


Back on topic:

Wow, that's too similar to be a coincidence. They had to have read here.

Even when a new forum is set up specifically for it, they understand where Arkham began and will end.:)

lol I just thought I would check out the old forum.

Yea I also think that they read it on the forum and implemented it but I wish they would have let me part of it because I'd make it fully customizable not just have preset options or something.

11th Oct 2011, 12:26
does anyone besides me feel that we have gotten less information about AC then we did about AA

I'm not sure I follow. Off the top of my head here's what I can remember that they have shared with us:

Spoiler tags are used to prevent unwanted eyes from reading any features about the game, since quite a lot has been revealed thus far.

- Arkham City is 5x the size of Arkham Island
- Villains include Joker, Two-Face, Riddler, Mr. Freeze, Penguin, Calendar Man, Hugo Strange, Zsasz, and 'more that have yet to be revealed' (I may have missed some too)
- Catwoman is a playable character in the game with her own gadgets and movesets for freeflow and 'predator' style gameplay. She is playable in the challenge modes, and Robin and Nightwing will be playable as DLC characters in the challenge mode.
- Batman will have customizable skins. A number of these are available from various retailers as pre-order bonuses.
- Batman will have all the gadgets from Arkham Asylum to start the game. New gadgets will be unlocked throughout.
- Gliding is possible with an emphasis on perpetual movement. You can be gliding and fire the grapnel gun to pull yourself into the air to continue gliding. This also includes the ability to dive bomb when gliding and perform other actions mid-glide.
- Freeflow combat has been enhanced: double takedowns and the ability to spray explosive gel in freeflow combat are just a few of the additions added to the combat. There have also been sightings of different strength combos with the Batclaw in combat.
- The Line Launcher can be suspended between two objects and used as a makeshift perch for Batman to survey his surroundings.
- Detective mode has been confirmed as a more prominent tool in Arkham City. Players will use detective mode to solve more puzzles than in Arkham Asylum.
- Over 400 Riddler trophies/challenges will be in the game.
- There is a New Game + mode with tougher enemies and allowing the use of all gadgets.

Satisfied? :)

Based on what I remember of what was announced for Batman: Arkham Asylum, I think they did a fair job at announcing enough to make us salivate uncontrollably, while keeping the secrets hidden until the game's release.

I for one, cannot wait for this to get released 7 days from now. I just need to decide where in the heck I'm preordering from. WB seems to have handled this horridly this time around, and I'm not thrilled with the idea of being forced to preorder from one retailer to get some exclusive DLC. I understand that retailers have done that before to an extent, but this time it's by retailer and region which determines what bonuses you get. Too complex. :rolleyes:

11th Oct 2011, 15:49
Really not releated to topic either but avatar gear too atleast for Xbox. Some asked for Batman costume, batarangs etc and seems like we got them now.

I just wished they were unlockable through achievements but especially looking at the pre-order disaster I can hardly be surprised. Still this is the first time I'm really tempted to pay money for useless avatar gear even though especially the interactive props are top notch.

But there would still be room for items available through achievements (or better yet challenge milestones). Two Faces, Penguins, Riddlers, Mr. Freezes, Scarecrows costumes, trick umbrella, venom tank, jokers prank gun or present etc. Not holding my breath though