View Full Version : The number one reason I want a Montreal DLC

2nd Oct 2011, 20:17
I want to know what that giant dome is in the skyline. It's driving me nuts.

2nd Oct 2011, 21:14
You mean this one? http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Montreal_Biosph%C3%A8re

2nd Oct 2011, 22:14
No, it's this wide blue dome that covers a large chunck of the city. there are antenna's comin out, and it reminds me of that dome in Morrowind for some reason. The biosphere is a sphere, this dome think looks like a semicricular forcefield thing.

3rd Oct 2011, 01:35
I have no idea what you are talking about. You think you can provide us with a screencap or something?

3rd Oct 2011, 01:40
perhaps, I'll try it later. Not home yet...

3rd Oct 2011, 01:44
I guess that should be a DLC based in the COMIC book...cause...is awesome and it's about the history more personal of jensen

3rd Oct 2011, 05:12
Montreal DLC > Icarus Effect DLC > Comic book DLC


3rd Oct 2011, 07:24
Not using PC, and all my pics from my camera are pretty ****. When you first get to Montreal it's sorta hidden, almost behind the building, but it's there. Or I am crazy.

3rd Oct 2011, 19:18
Off the roof after the mission begins. almost behind all the spotlights but not quite. This thing looks way larger then any thing else in the skyline...

P.S. you can hear two guards talk about the athletic history of the building. =)

3rd Oct 2011, 21:07
Is this (http://cloud.steampowered.com/ugc/594698084198396080/75A436975428EA50AEADA1E66EBE185464AD2305/) what you saw? Because that's not a dome but a mountain. It's Mont Royal (http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mount_Royal).. very nice place in Montreal.

3rd Oct 2011, 21:41
Yes! Awesome, now the number one reason is so that I can explore Mont Royal.