View Full Version : Pacifist and indirect kills (minor spoiler)

2nd Oct 2011, 13:10
I wonder about something regarding the pacifist acheivment:

If I take out a robot with a EMP-mine and it kills an enemy when it blows up, does that fail the acheivment?

I'm trying to do hengsha construction site mission and save the chopper at the same time, but the robot always kills 1-2 enemies when it goes boom. :(

Anyone know if it matters?

2nd Oct 2011, 13:25
I think it may have mattered before one of the early patches. Now, I'm not so sure - I completed my pacifist run despite stunning one guard who fell off his ledge.

If you want to be extra cautious use a gas grenade or other means to take out the guards near the bot before it deploys. Just pile on the painkillers to up your hit points before doing so.

2nd Oct 2011, 14:09
Not sure. But you can KO the enemies nearest to the robot and drag them away before you EMP it. If you need some time, the robot can be disabled for a few seconds using the stun gun.

2nd Oct 2011, 14:28
Achievement says 'no one dies BY YOUR HAND' - you could argue that people dying from exploding robots isn't dying by your hand. If you want to save the chopper for the sake of the achievement but still want to make sure, save your game before you go onto the chopper with Malik, rage around and save her, reload and simply make sure you make your way to the lift.

2nd Oct 2011, 22:35
As the second gentleman said, pre-patch (See: Console) any dying of any kind would negate the achievement (So a knocked out guard falling in electrified water would end the pacifist run). Post patch is anyone's guess.