View Full Version : Hitman Absolution Soundtrack copied???

29th Sep 2011, 14:30
I was recently watching a video on youtube about aliens and stuff. It was a History Channel documentary. Here is the link:-


If you go to 1:26:00, you can hear the same track on the background as the Hitman website has and it is from a different composer. Now, this could be a serious copyright issue. I do not know which came first, but both are definitely the same tracks. As I can see from the dates, the documentary came first, but since the game has been in development from a very long time, its very difficult to say for sure. It should be investigated further. I definitely want Jesper Kyd back.

P.S: The soundtrack is good, no matter what.

1st Dec 2012, 01:01
hmm the video has been taken off youtube

Danilo Sobot
3rd Dec 2012, 02:43
Maybe 47 has something to do with it :)