View Full Version : Cannot Install Tomb Raider Chronicles on Windows XP Computer

27th Sep 2011, 18:58
After a number of years, I wanted to install Tomb Raider Chronicles on my computer (Windows XP3 Media Edition). When I put the CD in, the Install button is not available. If I press Setup or Play buttons, I get a Windows Error (i.e. AutoRun.exe has encountered an error and must close). The Debug button on the error box does nothing.

I looked for the Windows XP patch that supposedly helps install the program, but when I tried to download it, a web page popped up saying "Too many connections. Try again later." I have no idea what that meant, and I have not been able to download the patch.

Is there something I can do to get this game installed? I'm stuck.

UPDATE. Managed to install the game using Windows Safe Mode. However, when I try to play the game I get a Windows prompt that says "PCTomb5.exe has encountered an error and must close." So I'm still stuck.

28th Sep 2011, 18:16
NEVERMIND! I managed (finally) to find the patch that allows Chronicles to run on both XP and Vista systems here: http://www.tombraiderchronicles.com/tr5/utilities.html