View Full Version : Remapping keys help needed

25th Sep 2011, 06:40
I would like to re-assign the key combination for a silent takedown. The default is Left Control + right mouse key. I'd like to set it as keypad 6 + right mouse key. Is that possible? I've tried, but the section for that combo take only one key at a time, and it doesn't work within the game.

Thanks for your help


23rd Oct 2011, 16:45
All you have to do is change your CROUCH option to Keypad 6.

The combo that it is showing you is only saying Left CTRL + Right Mouse to show you that you have to be crouching (which is Left CTRL by default) and then press Right Mouse for it to work.

If you want your CROUCH to remain the same (Left CTRL), then change the box on the right to Keypad 6. (Basically means that Left CTRL and/or Keypad 6 make you crouch).