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24th Sep 2011, 23:57
If we want Just Cause 3 to become the best open world game then there needs to be major changes and improvements.

Asethetics- Over a year later the graphics are still quite good. In fact I don't even think any attention or manpower should be invested in improving the graphics engine. If there is it would only be for even greater amounts fidelity allowed to be shown. No what needs to change with the visual presentation is the asethetics. Just Cause is about over the top action but I fill it would be better served with a darker overtone. Not Batman dark and not more serious either. Rather if you set it in a place like Michigan the color primary colors used would be gray and green in the countryside and silver and blue in the city.

Story- Everyone knows the story in Just Cause 2 was pathetic. Some of things like better cutscenes, more mission givers, better voice actors; are things everyone already knows need to be made better just for the story to be average but it doesn't get to the route of things. What makes John Marston from RDR so great? It's because he's not some cliche of other media. We need a new main character in the game and given the setting it wouldn't hurt for him to be Black.

In the story the main character has morals that he sometimes doesn't follow. The story would remain humorous and have an increased amount of satire like Grand Theft Auto. The plot would be darker but not lose the fun of the game. And other characters would need to be in existance also.

The world- So why Michigan of all places? Well first you need some context of the game world at large. This Just Cause would take place in 2019. After the 2008 recession became a depression and China broke apart so did International Institutions. Over time things just got worse and despite the efforts of Rico and the Agency to stop this the world fell apart. Then in 2018 the final straw broke the camel's back.

The former nation of Pakistan's nukes were released in Washington D.C., L.A., NYC and Dallas. The President and his cabient were by and large killed and the states turned into different nations. The Texas Republic made up of Nex Mexico, Texas, Oklahoma and Western Lousiana. The Western Republic made up of the rest of the Southwest and West Coast including Washington. The other northwestern states like Montana have basically fallen into local community rule with no state government having enough resources or manpower to keep there vast terrorites under centralized control.

Then there is the Rocky Mountion States spanning Colorado, Western Kansas, Utah, and Southern Wyoming. In the south you have the New American Confederacy claiming all states in the former confederacy except Texas, Florida, and most of Georgia and with the addition of Southern Missouri and the ruins of D.C. Besides them you have the states of Georgia and Florida which have remained indepedent.

On the east coast we have the New England Republic, which includes all the states of New England and even Ohio.

The rest of the nation in the midwest falls under the control of The MidWest Alliance. This is were Michigan almost finds itself as it, Indiana, Western Ohio, and Parts of Wisconsin resist joining the government based out of Chicago. It's from this base that Agent Jackson is sent on behalf of the Agency to push Michigan into a state of Anarchy to leave it vulenrable to MWA attack.

This means helping unions, terrorist attacks, helping different groups fight each other and the Michigan government, helping the Michigan government in various things if it furthers destabilization. You don't have to do ONE story mission, or you can do them all. This time around you're not anyone's set enemy and work for everyone and anyone as long as it brings you closer to your goal; Chaos.

Frag Maniac
25th Sep 2011, 00:57
The problem with that as I see it is it wouldn't at all fit the premise of what Just Cause has always been about, being the CIA sending an agent in to investigate a ruthless dictatorship in an obscure nation who's leader has oppressed the people, built a fascist police state government, and kept the bulk of the wealth to himself and those loyal to him, while leaving the masses impoverished. It's also of course always had undertones of terrorism and mercenaries seeking global power through various resources.

I'm not saying it has to be the same old thing again and again, but the underlying theme of Just Cause has been about the CIA fighting corruption in underdeveloped, yet resource wealthy nations. You totally change that you may as well not call it Just Cause. Your story is totally different, involving economic collapse and invasion the likes of which is seen in alternate future scenarios where the cold war either never ended or re-ignited, like seen in Freedom Fighters, Frontline Fuel of War, Homefront, etc. What you have imagined is a near apocalypse compared to Just Cause. In JC America has played the role of the strong samaritan, not the weak and defenseless.

I'm not saying it wouldn't make a good game, just not a Just Cause game, and probably more RPG based than JC to really get the most out of it. Typically you don't see plots that intricate wasted on shallow arcade shooters such as JC.

25th Sep 2011, 05:00
I get what your saying, but I think the franchise needs to fundamentally change if it's to rise to the next level it has to have a different direction and overall context. The map can continue to get larger, there can be more places indoors and out to explore but without changing the overall direction I doubt more depth can be found without setting it in a Western Nation.

I'm not saying that because I don't like foreign nations or anything, but because without it the game world can't use words (and to some extent) music to tell us things about the world indirectly. You can't read an advertisment to understand the humor of the delevopers. Listen to a political radio show to hear the satire carefully crafted.

The only way it could be set in America or Europe (or maybe Australia or New Zealand) is if the political, social and economic situation in these places has broken down. Otherwise why would The Agency spread chaos in it's own nation or among allies? And then there would be problems about killing NATO nation soliders. In any case the world is not really as pre-apocalpypic is it is a transtational one.

Would this be a departure from Just Cause 2? Yes. Is that a good thing? Yes. For all of the problems with the story Just Cause 2 basically perfected the formula Eidos has been setting out for but couldn't reach due to hardware limitations with Just Cause one. Now that that has been done it's time to move on.

So what am I getting at? Basically that this is the time right now for Just Cause 3 to break the trend and rise to the next level. They have the fundamentals down now (although weapons and ammo need to be adjusted and increased) and with this foundation they can build on it easily. Simple things like a major locational change, ingame radio, etc etc will be the thing to get Just Cause to the level of the GTA's and Mass Effects of the world.

25th Sep 2011, 08:48
Hmm... Is the original poster thinking about Jericho, the TV series?

Sorry, but I really like the consept how it is. I like the voice acting and the humorous tone. Tropical, colourful and sunny setting is also very fitting. And nooooo, it has to be Rico again! He is not a stereotypical or cliche hero. Ok, maybe a bit James Bond'ish, but that is not a bad thing at all.

This being said, I am pretty sure that whatever Avalanche will do about Just Cause 3, it will be great. Because, in my opinion, they have so far hit the nail on the head as the expression goes. Only hoping that there will be Just Cause 3. :thumb:

25th Sep 2011, 12:42
Michigan? No it should stay as a nice sunny tropical paradise with a couple of small cities here and there. If you want a big city, GTA IV covers that, grey buildings, orange sky, round every corner, grey buildings, same old sky, nothing pleasent about it at all. I think it should stay strictly tropical and is something that you appreciate scenery wise.

25th Sep 2011, 19:31
I like the idea of it being in America, but I think it should be like a Mafia II, but modern day.

26th Sep 2011, 01:36
Michigan? No it should stay as a nice sunny tropical paradise with a couple of small cities here and there. If you want a big city, GTA IV covers that, grey buildings, orange sky, round every corner, grey buildings, same old sky, nothing pleasent about it at all. I think it should stay strictly tropical and is something that you appreciate scenery wise.

You know I understand where you're coming from, and while I don't fully agree (I think Blue and Silver could be done extremely well), I must say there are tropical regions within the United States...Just Cause Florida anyone? Then having Rico as a protagonist would make sense. Or even Just Cause Texas? Not really tropical but never done in an open world game and very sunny. All I know is the next Just Cause should take place in the United States.

Hmm... Is the original poster thinking about Jericho, the TV series?
Nah, that's more post apocalypic, this would be a socialital change and the breaking point just happened to be nuclear weapons. There were no EMP blast so electrionics work just fine. It's just that the Federal government (except the Agency) has collasped. Now that I think of it since you don't want it to be in a grayer area why not just make the game in Texas? It has beaches, deserts, swamps, mega cities, mountains, grasslands, rivers, ocean and in this situation a nuclear bombed out mega city...damn if only they'd make this game.

Frag Maniac
26th Sep 2011, 22:52
The thing is though, the scenario you described is far worse than the present deep recession state we're in and near apocalyptic compared to the way things are. It's the polar opposite of the CIA going in and lending a hand elsewhere, and I don't see that the game needs such a drastic change or need take place in a primarily English speaking nation for that matter.

All the game really needs other than a new setting are refinements to flesh it out better. Less arcade gameplay, like being able to shoot while crouched, and maybe even a cover option. More intelligent dialog and plot, and better voice acting would help too. The friendly AI could be better at staying out of the hero's way too.

I would also considerably refine the completion system to add a #/# feature per area, so you know at a glance if you've found all of one particular item in that area. I'd also like to see armor more distinctly separate from health upgrades, with two separate meters, one for armor, one for health. The health wouldn't start depleting until the armor meter was drained. The land vehicles need to have better handling too.

For the most part the game is pretty good, just a bit too arcade and lacking intelligent story structure and dialog, as well as some mechanics of combat and status that don't make sense. They made the land vehicle handling better than in JC 1, but it still has a ways to go.