View Full Version : Deus Ex 4 will take place in 1937?

21st Sep 2011, 17:44
I couldn't resist but, after watching this all I could think about was, would it work as a Deus Ex game:
Apperntly, it's a terrible movie.

21st Sep 2011, 18:37
Nah, Indiana Jones :p

22nd Sep 2011, 09:08
DX5 will be fought with sticks and stones.

22nd Sep 2011, 09:12
Deus Ex without futuristic elements = Fail

23rd Sep 2011, 17:33
A bomb!

23rd Sep 2011, 17:45
It makes me hurt to admit this, but this trailer makes this movie actually look pretty interesting.

A bomb
23rd Sep 2011, 18:38
A bomb!

23rd Sep 2011, 18:59
Looks like an interesting film.

23rd Sep 2011, 22:14
it gave me strong Titanic vibes.

and I never saw titanic, on principle.

23rd Sep 2011, 23:49
an entire game of deus ex based in non sci fi elements and on a balloon smaller than a mansion!?

DX4 would be a colossal fail if it did. Besides this movie looks gay!

DX4 needs to be the events where bob page and UNATCO run into power during the northwest secessionist forces Invasion or Be the store of Paul Denton which we all know will have a really bad ending because he never did anything super major as far as an ending goes and than we get a redone DX1 game or a sequal or a remake of DX2 where the game is actually good. The only other option at this point is to make a DX1 game as a reboot like with DMC and Resident Evil etc.

24th Sep 2011, 05:09
it gave me strong Titanic vibes.

and I never saw titanic, on principle.

Psssst! The boat sinks...

24th Sep 2011, 06:31
I've always seen augmentations a vital element of Deus Ex. Nope, wouldn't like it. Maybe a DX spinoff game in 1937 would be better, with stuff like the Illuminati still present.