View Full Version : Bullet-Proof Human Skin

Mr. Gerbz
20th Sep 2011, 23:21
It started earlier than I expected, and this is not exactly how it's represented in DE:HR, but the road to the future-renaissance has begun... (http://io9.com/5830664/this-is-bullet+proof-human-skin-+-made-from-spider-silk-and-goat-milk-yes-really)

21st Sep 2011, 01:48
I heard about this years ago but I didn't think they were actually still doing it.

21st Sep 2011, 02:38
And, of course, it will never stop bullets made to pierce materials of that strength. If it can provide lightness and comfort and improve flexibility over current wearable protective barriers, that'll be one of the more welcome characteristics.

21st Sep 2011, 06:13
According to the creator's home page (http://jalilaessaidi.com/2-6g-329ms/), this is an artistic project rather than an actual attempt to create real-life spidermen. It's still cool, though.

Even existing armour with steel plates is fallible, not to mention very heavy and restrictive.

21st Sep 2011, 06:23
the question is what happens when bullet hits. OK, it won't pierce flash but it will still hit really hard to damage internal organs with force applied to place bullet hits. I think it is a lot worse to have internal bleeding without exit wound.

22nd Sep 2011, 02:45
OP needs to understand that the leaps and bounds necessary to create "Bullet Proof Humans" are so great that such innovations are moot. By the time this is feasible I'm sure that portable lasers and other devices would be readily available by then.