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19th Sep 2011, 03:11
Some minor main quest line spoilers that takes place in Hengsha at least 5 hours into the game.

So i noticed this issue the first time i tried playing and had the restart my game because i was not keeping enough saves and i wanted to make some different decisions anyways. I was talking to some others who are also playing and got to this part and they ran into the same problem as well.

Here is what i ran into while trying to speak with Tong:

If you fail the initial conversation with Tong he sends you to speak with the bar tender downstairs who gives you a side quest to speak with a girl who owes the hive some money. After speaking with her i wasnt sure what to do because she was not willing to pay her debts and i was not aware that i could just pay them off myself, plus i dont know her...why would i want to help. So i killed her expecting that she would drop something that would help me out but ended up empty handed.

I returned to the hive and told the bar tender what had happened and he freaks out saying that he didnt want me to kill her or something around those lines. More importantly I was unable to get the mission from Tong.

This is basically game breaking is it not?..... If i cannot get to Tong to get my mission the game doesnt go anywhere from there.

I just wanted to share this experience online just in case anyone has the same issue as me wondering what they are suppose to do next. Is there any way to get the mission from Tong if you fail this side quest?

obviously the correct way to go about this is either win the conversation with Tong by either picking the right responses, or using the convo aug. Or doing the side mission and paying off the girls debt.

Basically moral of the story is keep plenty of saves, especially before each conversation so you dont have to restart from somewhere that forces you to loose lots of game time.

19th Sep 2011, 03:38
You can sneak into a vent in the basement of The Hive and eavesdrop on a conversation between Tong and Narhari Kahn which helps you locate the hacker.

You can return to Bao after killing Jaya and/or recovering her memory chip but he won't reward you. Unless you have experienced a bug, the side quest should be ended at this stage.

19th Sep 2011, 04:11
Awesome, theres soo many ways to solve each situation. thats why i love this game. wish i would have thought of that.

19th Sep 2011, 04:32
Awesome, theres soo many ways to solve each situation. thats why i love this game. wish i would have thought of that.

Frankly, the degree of choice in HR is piss-poor compared to DX.

Still, it's about the best thing going right now, and it's not un-fun.

19th Sep 2011, 05:57
Frankly, the degree of choice in HR is piss-poor compared to DX.

I'd say they're on par.

19th Sep 2011, 05:59
I'd say they're on par.

Shup you! :rasp:

19th Sep 2011, 06:05
Oh, it's the same guy who hated the idea that DX1 gave you too much freedom. If you pay attention while playing, you'll be rewarded.

Listen to people talk while you're in The Hive (and there are at least 2 conversations regarding this) and you quickly learn before you even MAKE IT UPSTAIRS that Tong's office is in the basement, and are warned off from trying to sneak in... in videogame-speak, that means "YOU CAN SNEAK IN IF YOU NEED TO!"

I had the exact same problem - no CASIE aug, failed the Tong conversation, screwed up the Bartender's sidequest because of the same misinterpretation, but then I knew my only choice was to do what the Harvesters hanging around the bar told me not to do... sneak in and learn what I could that way.

DX lets you fail but lets you keep playing afterwards. There's always another way :cool: