View Full Version : Messing with the FOV. help needed!

17th Sep 2011, 17:35
Hello everyone.! Im new to the forums and i need a bit of help. A few weeks ago I had an issue with deus ex, the screen was all messed up(but, this is not my problem because its already fixed), but what I had done was switch the fov down and I wasnt smart enough to record it before I messed around with it. Theres no way to make it default either other than to reinstall, but I know that my fov was either 85 or 80..not higher or lower. I really like 75 too but, my favorite was the default :] Im playing at 85 right now and I think that might be my starting point, I should have also took a couple of FPS screen shots but I didnt do that before I messed with the setting, can anyone help? I have a 1600x900 20'' monitor, usually the monitors size automatically sets the FOV, please help if any of you are still on default!