View Full Version : spoiler ! questions about the story and gameplay

17th Sep 2011, 13:23
I have just cleared the game and have some questions about the plot. Hoping someone can give me so answers
Since I did not read all the docs and books in the game
1.why would Eliza so eager to help Adam?
2.did the game explain the identities of the four bodies connected to the end game computer?
3.why would Adam DNA so special that wont reject augs?
4.what's project d
5.finally it is about the gameplay,in the final stage when I am inside the station...I just can't use my threat identiying augs. "The eye"
I mean the button is here on the screen, but no matter how haed I peess the down button I just can t activate it. But I am sure my pad is working as I can use the button when chooseing save.

Tjanks guys

17th Sep 2011, 14:08
1. She find's him interesting, other antagonists note that she is 'erratic'.
2. Random people pulled off the streets in Heng Shai, (remember the 'volunteers' at the Omega Ranch?)
3. He was genetically engineered, game does not go into detail
4. *BIG SPOILER* D is for 'Denton'
5. Probably a glitch cause everyone is more 'neutral' than hostile, some of the zombies would actually ignore me when I played through.