View Full Version : Shameless Star Wars blu-ray ad now in loading screens.

16th Sep 2011, 16:34

I don't like being reactionary like this but, no. Just nein. For one it's advertising something that is ruining classic movies (Even further), but even if it was advertising something good, like a Pink Floyd boxset that creates a holographic Steve Barrett, it's still glaringly out of place when it's done like this. You really couldn't have made it a clever little in game billboard? Or maybe a poster in Pritchard's office? Nope, you just had to slap it right on the loading screen. Now I have to see it every time I load up an area.

Just how much did Lucas pay you for this?

16th Sep 2011, 16:42
Oh for god's sake. Seriously the advertising thread is the #1 thread right now. I'd say it's just laziness, but you literally couldn't miss it. So you're either very stupid, or intentionally being annoying. Either way, consider this your last warning.