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16th Sep 2011, 11:22
Hi all,

To all those involved. First, thanks for what (so far) has been a great game. :thumb:

I have some feature requests, mostly intended to maintain/enhance immersiveness... and hopefuly (mostly) not too hard to do...

1) "Quick-save" & "Quickload-last-save" function keys (eg Half Life 2), to keep the player in the game world.

2) Available saves render a picture of where the player was up to in the game, rather than a generic picture of the "chapter/level" the player is up to.

3) "Smooth Transition" animation between 3rd person, first person, and iron-sights (eg ARMA II). The 'instant jump' between these perspectives is what I currently find *most* destroys my immersiveness in the game world.

4) Option to maintain 3rd person view even when not in cover (IMHO - sneaking is really all about "I-can-see-(more-than)-you,-and-you-can't-see-me", as well as looking at yourself being a bad-ass while you aviod the bad guys! - a-la Splinter Cell/Metal Gear Solid/Theif etc).:D

5) OK, this might be a bit harder to do... I love the way Adam Jenson dives from cover to cover (ie "press-spacebar" by default). However, *where* I can make Adam dive to is very limiting (basically in straight lines).
I would *love* a more flexible "dive-to-that-cover-over-there" feature that allows Adam to dive/scurry to any cover that's a resonable distance away.
The implementation I am imagining would be something like this:
- "Dive-over-there" always ends in Adam being in cover (OK, this is probably obvious).
- "Dive-over-there" can be started whether Adam is already in cover or not.
- To start "Dive-over-there" a key (eg Left-Alt) changes the reticule from the "you-are-aiming-here" dot to a "you-can-dive-to-here" icon, so the player can set up where they want to dive to.
- a key combo (eg Left-Alt + press-spacebar) starts the "Dive-over-there" move.
- Like aiming/shooting, the range of "Dive-over-there" would be limited (5-10 meters?) - When the cover is close enough, the "Dive-over-there" icon becomes a different colour (green?).

Anyway, thanks for reading.
I'm off to play a little more DX:HR.


16th Sep 2011, 11:31
Quicksave and quickload are already there, f5/f8 respectively. I't weird how many people seem to miss this.

17th Sep 2011, 10:42
Thanks Kodaemon - much appreciated.

I accidentally discovered them last night, but appreciate the info none-the-less.

Perhaps then, the "feature request" should just be that the developers make it more obvious to users that F5 and F8 are available for quick save/load.

Would still love it if the developers would consider the other requests...

Cheers for now,

17th Sep 2011, 19:16
Quicksave and quickload are already there, f5/f8 respectively. I't weird how many people seem to miss this.

I definitely missed this.
they should make them remappable in the options menu.

18th Sep 2011, 15:19
Know what's immersion breaking?

Listening to three different radios, all tuned in to Lazarus, playing three different rants.

At the same time.