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16th Sep 2011, 06:29


16th Sep 2011, 06:56
wtf does he mean brutal? Max level was too easy.

16th Sep 2011, 07:01
wtf does he mean brutal? Max level was too easy.

what about his claim of 3 cities to explore.

and what about his claim that he played deus ex 1, when in this vid he sais he never played before (skip to 10:59)
granted he could have played the game since, but i doubt it. he would have reviewed it too probably

16th Sep 2011, 07:15
Leveling up ADAM? :confused:

I don't recall upgrading any of my augs from 40s-looking vending machines that played bizarre, warbly music.

Ohhh. Adam, as in Jensen. Not stuff collected from sea slugs and dead people. My bad. :o

16th Sep 2011, 07:21
he makes 1 or two good points though

16th Sep 2011, 07:51
I went ahead and watched it all. He did make some good points.

I think he might have missed the Harvesters' surgery room though; you don't get to see any actual surgery there (and why would you really want to!), but there are freshly amputated aug limbs hanging from meathooks and dripping with blood, as well as some of the cutting tools. As I understand it, if you don't rescue Malik, she ends up in there.

Not bad. A decent "guy on the street" review.

16th Sep 2011, 08:28
[The game] never really hits that high tension mark, the impactful moment, that it seems to think that it does.

What's that? No memorable moments? :D

At the end of the day that's because HR is still just a piece of interactive software, that also has a story. If urgency to tell a story was the prime motivation for creating a game, more effort and resources would have been put in creating those emotionally satisfying and meaningful moments.

I really hope to see the day when the actual storytellers of this world finally find videogames as their medium of choice.

16th Sep 2011, 08:48
What's that? No memorable moments? :D

Haha, love it! :D

16th Sep 2011, 11:38
Quite a few spoiler-ish things, I can see why people like this guy's videos though, he's quite enthusiastic energetic about it which is a good.

16th Sep 2011, 17:04
Joe's hilarious and brutal. People love him because you can hear the honesty in what he says.