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14th Sep 2011, 21:01
Just been discussing the game with a mate down the Pub & got round to musing on what new skills and augs would be cool/useful etc.
Perhaps a list like this could give any potential modders some ideas

Here are some that occurred to me:

Stasis field generation (temporarily slows or freezes, upgrades could incl duration/energy cost & later effects on turrets cameras etc) or conversely a aug that would propel Adam forward at a greatly accelerated speed knocking over/stunning any enemies caught, upgrades might incl the ability to ram open doors etc.
Holographic decoy projection upgrade to multiple simultaneous projections.
Magnetic weapon/grenade or projectile launched from Adam (whichever would be most appropriate) which would pull the weapons from enemies hands & also have some sort of effect on turrets/cameras & bots (depending on level of upgrade)
Chameleon aug, scanning an NPC remotely & then being able to assume their appearance for a limited time based on level of aug & energy (as long as you don't interact with the NPC whilst disguised as them)
A suitably Deus Ex version of Sam Fisher's remote sticky cam, with whatever appropriate gadgets attached.
Some kind of inertia field generation (surrounding Adam) that stops any projectiles dead (MUST! be accompanied by uber cool visual effect) so we can all live out our Neo bullet stopping fantasies.
How about different ammunition types for the Typhoon.. noxious gasses, obscuring smoke, tranq darts, electrical discharges etc..?

I better stop now as i am getting a little carried away (i have many more) i don't expect to see anything like these anytime soon, but it doesn't hurt to dream right..?

Any more ideas..?

EDIT: sorry to post another thing in this thread, but i had to get this off my chest & i'm sure people here are already sick of me making new threads.

As the talk radio host is so clearly inspired by mr Alex Jones and his beautifully insane conspiracy theory rantings, can i make a personal request for a mod that replaces the default game talk radio host with some of mr Jones's more insane broadcasts/podcasts with the ability to place your own custom songs in there, similar to the many Fallout 3 custom radio mods.. this would be off the scale awesome!

14th Sep 2011, 21:32
Walk through walls .. :)

Herbert Dashwood
14th Sep 2011, 21:41
I like the uses for the different type of typhoon ammunition.

14th Sep 2011, 21:49
I like the uses for the different type of typhoon ammunition.

this should be awesome...think about it make KO to 4 or 5 enemies at the same time...other thing could be...3 melle at time...but this should need 1 half energy bar...?

so...I don't know...other augmentation could be
Buletproof skin...[like Deus Ex 1...I don't know how it was called]
or Super Speed [same like Deus Ex 1]

semper fi!

14th Sep 2011, 22:44
Please continue this in the existing thread pertaining to "Wanted Augs".