View Full Version : Two questions...

14th Sep 2011, 02:45
First... Is that Adam's girlfriend (Megan) @ the end of the game in that Hyron computer? The girl he approaches during the play scene and touches her face, or is that just some chick? Either way.. can "she" be saved? (Not the asian girl hooking herself up to Hyron, the girl laying "in" the Hyron system almost upside down)

Second... I was curious if you could make MAJOR changes to the game.. hope this is not a spoiler, but for example, the bomb planted in the sewers of Detroit. Any chance you can make / let it detonate? Maybe by refusing the mission, or another way?

I like my 2nd, 3rd, 4th, etc.. play throughs to be different, alot different. I also think they should have added a multi-player experience to Deus Ex...