View Full Version : extra ammo bug and quest 'fix' and plea for help...

11th Sep 2011, 14:11
Extra ammo bug: example laser rifle 500 to 900 ammo

Also motherly ties quest 'fix':

Hope it's fixed soon...

BTW completed a full stealth run with no kills/detected and missed foxiest of the hounds and pacifist achievements. Not sure why but it may have to do with the fact I rarely get ghost and smooth operator bonuses.

Redid the 1st mission (Sarif Industries) at least 20 times and didn't get ghost even though no one saw me... Even copied EXACTLY what someone else did on youtube and missed ghost even though they got it.
Re-installing the game now to see if there is an error in the game cache.

If any one has solution to the above problem I'll be very grateful for your assistance.

11th Sep 2011, 15:26
Motherly ties has been reported, and I may be wrong but since the laser rifle is battery operated, you're just increasing its battery life.