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10th Sep 2011, 02:08

Following the positive reviews, I bought the game and started to play it. It is quite enjoyable, but not everything is, so I would like to share my first impressions about this game:

- Lots of secondary quests
- Very detailed world, lots of work, really beautiful world!
- Pirating is challenging, at least at the beginning
- Can be played on a quite ancient machine (Core 2 Duo, 2 Go RAM, Ati HD 3650...) although it sometimes lag a little
- I found loading time acceptable (never more than 10-15 seconds on my machine)
- Interesting story
- Lots of place to visit, lots of things to do

- All objects should have been movable AND throw-able, as in the first Deus Ex
- It would have been nice to have 2 or 3 dynamisation points (not sure of the English translation) at the beginning of the game, so that we could specialize in something like the first Deus Ex game
- The ability to turn on or turn off the lights is very missed
- It is not easy to pull bodies, they are often blocked by something (sometimes a few cm gap...)
- French voices sometimes break the immersion, an option to have English audio + French subtitles would be awesome
- Mouse smoothing is annoying at best (PC version) and I would be happy to know if there's a way to disable it. VSync has been turned off already.
- An option for crouching while holding the crouch button is very missed

Globally I think so far that it's a good game. I am now in Adam's apartment, so probably not very far in the story, so that would not be a good thing to judge the game now. I will post more thoughts as I advance in the game :)


10th Sep 2011, 02:26
interesting. be sure to post your thoughts once you finish the game

13th Sep 2011, 17:28
Still not finished the game. I'm now in Hengsha in China and still not finished the missions, after about 25 hours of game. And I know that I missed some things to do and probably some secondary missions.

The game is quite addictive and it's generally a good sign.

The missions are interesting, and the combat situations are not an easy thing to manage in Deus Ex difficulty, especially because I prefer not to combat.

The ambiances are quite well rendered, and I especially like the nightlife ambiances (eg: when approaching the Hive and inside it, also the whore hotel nearby).

I found the first boss too difficult to kill in Deus Ex difficulty, mostly because my computer had some lag. I had to install the "burger menu" to become temporarily invincible so that I could get rid of him (by the way this burger menu is useful to skip the intro advertisements when we launch the game).

I noticed a few collision bugs (people blocked when they walk, unconscious bodies that still move when they are in a narrow location, one unconscious gard that was blocked on a door after I pulled him... But nothing that blocked the game so far. And not a single crash. I'd say that overall, the game is relatively bug-free, which is a rare thing nowadays.

The music is not as cyber-punk as in the original Deus Ex but is good enough to not be a bother while playing and to be missed when it stops.

Congratulations for the Chinese voices, as I can speak Chinese, I think voice actors did a great job. If only French voices could be as good (some are good but some other aren't...)!

Still think that all object should have been movable, it would have added a lot of possibilities in the gameplay.

I am quite pleased that my 4 years old laptop can run the game without too much lag, as I was expecting it to be unplayable...

At this point I can already say that I do not regret the purchase of DX:HR as I already enjoyed it so much, and would recommend it to any Deus Ex fan.

I will post more thoughts as I will advance in the game.