View Full Version : You know what? I'm glad I killed them

9th Sep 2011, 18:50
In my first play through I followed the cues during the first mission. I use non-lethal methods through all of it and even much of the quests in the first detroit run through.

However, I decided I would go brutal and lethal for my second run through the game and after completing the first mission by killing everyone I'm now getting grief from people. Basically calling me a murderer because I killed a buch of "just vandals".

Well, let me tell you: Those "just vandals" were awfully quick to start shooting at me the moment they saw me. Before I even pulled out a weapon or said a word they just started firing. That's straight out attempted murder right there. The ease and quickness they did it with shows it wasn't the first time. During the firefights none of them expressed any regret that it came to this. Not to mention they were pretty happy to wire up a bomb in a room with a bunch of innocents.

They were brutal villianous murdering thugs who deserved to get put down like dogs.

Heck, even the gang bangers outside derelict row were better people basically giving you time to "get lost" before they start shooting.

so, I'm glad I killed every last one of them (even the ones I was forced to do a non-lethal take down due to noise issues got a bullet in the head when I was done).

9th Sep 2011, 18:58
Yeah, and the way they look at you in the vent, telling "no one's there", like you're not even worth mentioning. They're literally laughing into your face, almost made me cry. Arrogant bastards deserved it.

9th Sep 2011, 19:48

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