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8th Sep 2011, 05:43
Can you get a Ghost bonus if you Silver-Tongued (or talked or VIP/Access-Pass'ed) your way into a place or past some guards?

I mean if they see you but regard you as non-hostile/friendly, like you had a reason to be where you are?
Or does Ghost really mean you cannot be seen by anyone, no matter if they perceive you as an intruder or not?

So, I'm here in my 2nd playthrough.

I'm in the police station and I've been sneaking after going in through the roof. Then I remembered that I didn't even try to go through the lobby and talk to whoever I might meet there, and accordingly would lose a Silver Tongue bonus. So I thought, okay, let's go out again, talk to the dude, talk my way in, and then still sneak around to get the... yeah. Ghost. Not being seen. Which is kinda hard after I talked to the dude. So now I wonder... Is there a way to combine those two?

On a similar note, in my first playthrough I remember a point in the FEMA building where I could just approach two guys, tell them I was a guard and needed to get my stuff out of the barracks and they let me through. Although I don't remember if I got Ghost for that then or not.

There was also something at the TYM Tower (I think) in Higher Shanghai, where I rescued some guy and he told me to tell another guard that he's calling in his favor to let me pass. Was that where I screwed my Ghost?

God I wish there was a screen like in... say, Splinter Cell Double Agent, showing you your stats concerning these things. Or maybe just a giant Pac-Man eating a big "Ghost Bonus" when you screw it up...


8th Sep 2011, 06:09
You can't get Ghost where you have a social battle to access an area, if you do the social battle of course.
When it's just a guard that you bluff or pay (or kill), you can.

8th Sep 2011, 06:26
For the minor scenes: If you want to reduce sightings for roleplaying purposes you can get into those rooms at FEMA from the other side as well and at TYM activating cloak before opening the door lets you sneak past the guard (he becomes alerted but that doesn't negate Ghost).