View Full Version : All The TR Classics Are Now On The EU PSN Store :o)

8th Sep 2011, 03:21
Yesterday, Tomb Raider 2 finally arrived on the EU PlayStation Store for £4.79.
Hurrah...It is now possible to install & play all of the classics on PSP\PS3 :)


8th Sep 2011, 17:18
I know it's awesome, right ? :D

8th Sep 2011, 20:48
I wonder if the classics will ever be available on XboxLIVE...

9th Sep 2011, 21:41
That's great news but terrible timing.

In between me finding out you could download TR1,3,4 & 5 (but not 2) and now I've bought a slimline PS2 and TR2 so I can play them all again in order.

Oh well, I'm enjoying a bit of retro gaming having bought Pandemonium (a Crystal Dynamics classic!) and the Timesplitters trilogy (which I still rate as being the best shoot em ups ever made, superb gameplay and storylines).

I wish Eidos would revive the Timesplitters series. A PS3 prequel would be awesome!

I'd be happy to act as tester if they do :D

10th Sep 2011, 02:36
To me TR2 is the best of the whole series so I am really glad for all those who are going to get the change to play it because of this.

Agree with Googlebox on the Timesplitters series. I think they were 3 great games especially for story co-op play. Would love to see a fourth TS game.

14th Oct 2011, 00:20
Below are some pictures from the store. There is also a bunch of new avatars available, including some classic Lara ones :)