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7th Sep 2011, 14:02
Ok I am going for a pacifist stealth approach for my first playthrough, so I have opted not to upgrade my hacking, at least not yet. So far it has only prevented me from opening the occasional locker etc. but I am now doing the "shanghai justice" side quest in Hengasha. Problem is, I am out of automatic unlocking devices and I am on the last stage where I need to hack a terminal in the Hive club. I cannot buy any more from the merchant in the hotel, so I was wondering if anyone could point me in the direction of an AUD somewhere in Hengasha that I can obtain. To be honest I was not impressed with this part of the mission as there is no other way to obtain to code if you do not hack or do not have an aud. Every mission has been designed with alot of flexibility but I feel that, even though this is a small side quest, the ball was dropped on this one. Any help would be greatly appreciated as I am currently stuck here until I hack this terminal.

Thank for your time

7th Sep 2011, 16:25
I haven't been using the AUDs so I can't remember their exact locations, but I remember finding hacking-specific gear in three places. The first is in a cavity behind a weak wall in the sewers near the exit to back room of the Hung Hua Hotel where the arms dealer is. The second is down a unique corridor off the back room of a shop located just after one of the entrances to Youzhao district (opposite this shop and across a small plaza and street is a ladder that leads to the scaffolding which adjoins the left side of the Hengsha Court Gardens building). The third is in the hacker's apartment itself.

If you explore Diagong district some more, you will find a hotel called Alice Garden Pods which houses a second arms dealer. I don't know whether or not he carries AUDs though.

7th Sep 2011, 16:52
I don't have AUDs and couldn't complete this mission my first play through either. (I got stuck at the hacking into the boyfriends apartment part). I think your only option is to reload back when you had an AUD or praxis to put into capture. Upgrading your hacking should help with a stealth playthrough anyway and the exp/mission reward (1 praxis) should make up for the cost.

7th Sep 2011, 17:39
If you have the break through walls augment, there is a hidden praxis kit in the sewers if you haven't gotten it yet. Its in a non-hostile area so no concerns about your passive/alarm. The code can also be found in the sewers that leads up to the hive. Only catch is you need to have the lungs augment since there is poison gas. There is also a camera down there to worry about.

7th Sep 2011, 20:41
Some of the sidequests are broken without being able to hack level 2 and 3 systems.

These two are some of them. You can guess the code to get into the apartment (try it, trust me) but in there is a level 2 computer inside that you'll need to hack to be able to finish the quest.

7th Sep 2011, 22:00
I already hacked his apartment and computer I need to hack the upstairs security panel in hive and its all I need before I leave for tym so if anyone knows for sure where just one AUD is located in hengsha it would be greatly appreciated. If someone tells me where one is and I in fact find it and am able to use it I still have an extra explosive pack dlc code i'd be willing to give up. desperate times call for desperate measures and I really want this done so put on the tinking caps people!!!

8th Sep 2011, 02:02
Is Shanghai justice the mission where you help Malik find the truth about her friend?

If I recall I don't remember having to hack any door at the Hive for that particular mission.

Oh the security panel that Malik asks you to hack?

I could of sworn that was a Level 1 hack? If not, big booboo by Eidos :P

You could do a google search for the code for that security panel, I'm sure you would get some results.

UPDATE : Okay I did a quick google search and can't find it.
You can still complete the mission by killing the guy, but you will miss out on the rewards Malik gives you.

Looks like Eidos overlook this. Main mission objectives that require you to hack are all Level 1, but since this is a side-quest. Maybe theres a pocket secretary somewhere that has the code?

The fact that I couldn't find it on google leads me to believe theres not.

8th Sep 2011, 02:13
Okay may have found the code.

Try : 0415


8th Sep 2011, 02:27
Thats the basement code. I appreciate the looking though. Im starting to think I just have to mmove on without doing it but I hate doing that so I will try and hold out a bit longer.

16th Oct 2011, 21:14
Ok, I created an account just for this, figured a work around had to be out there for some of us. I was wrong.

For those of you that the codes 0415 and 1234 didn't work for, this is my work around. It WILL require a silenced weapon, preferably a 10mm. What I did was this:

I noticed that one of the guards was standing in front of the security door leading into the basement and he was the one who would alert of I tried to hack the keypad. So, I opened the door to he minibar & left it open. Then I walked around the corner to the first table I came to. I pulled out my silenced weapon and shot the hall wall leading to the stairs. This pulled the door guard. While he was walking to the sound of the shot, I walked behind the other guard, knocked him out & dragged him behind the minibar. When the other guard came back, I knocked him out from behind then dragged him behind the bar also. The 3 people on the couch will relax as long as they do not see the bodies. After that, I was free to hack the keypad and no one in the club agroes on me.

17th Oct 2011, 17:57
You can still finish the mission - when you kill Lee you don't get the XP, Malik yells at you, but you still finish the quest. Since you go Pacifist, you might be able to just KO him - worth a try ....