View Full Version : Not impressed with Absolution at all so far

7th Sep 2011, 10:11
The title really says it all. Ive heard that the original guy who has voiced 47 has been replaced and so has Diana. Why fix something that is not broken. They guy that voiced 47 was brill. The trailer on hitman.com does nothing for me at all! 47 never beats the **** outa guards, thats just stupid and very un 47!

Im far from impressed so far. We have all waited nearly 6 years for this game and it has not delivered from what I have read and seen. It's never too late for the developers to step in and do the right thing and give us fans exactly what we want, another Hitman game! Not something entirely new and different!!

No Jesper Kyd either, absolutely diabolical and unacceptable from a Hitman fanatic!

I would be very suprised if I buy this game because it is no longer interesting to me. Without all the original cast and gameplay it may as well be an entirely different and new game.

RZ47 is not impressed!!!

8th Sep 2011, 00:56
That's to bad. Considering it is nowhere close to being finished. There's only one video with gameplay, and the trailer is displaying the take downs that are going to be involved. Who said you have to carry out your mission like that? It's not like the mission's objective are going to be: bust in there and take down every guard on duty. But what do you mean it's not 47? Maybe you don't want to but I know there are plenty of die hard Hitman fans out there that love to replay missions and try to achieve their own objectives, such as what I said earlier.
Give them time! After all, you wouldn't want them to rush into this only to put out something because it's been a while since they've released a game.

8th Sep 2011, 02:54
Thats a fair point man. Im just very disheartened to hear of the cast changes and that the gameplay is going to be similar to Batman Arkham Asylum, (according to wikipedia). I just don't see why the need for all these drastic changes when we all know what we love and want, the same characters and cast and the same controls and general gameplay. A few new features to keep up with the times and HD graphics, happy days.

Im very angry to also hear that Jesper Kyd won't be involved either. Call me sad but i LOVE all the previous soundtracks, the man is a genuis and got the mood right in every other game to date. I expected some changes when the game changed developer but not of this magnitude. I hope you are right and that they do deliver, but I believe it will NOT be the same or anywhere near as good without the original cast and Mr Jesper Kyd.

8th Sep 2011, 14:48
After looking over the Wikipedia page, and seeing what the game has to offer at this point, it does seem like they are changing this game quite drastically. Which is to bad, so I see where you're coming from. I wonder what they're going to accomplish, or trying to accomplish with all this change?

8th Sep 2011, 23:02
Yeah it just all seems a bit too drastic to me. Ive been waiting, like all hitman fanatics, for almost 6 years now for this game and when i read all that I was soo depressed. It's still very early days and anything can happen. Apparently theres an online petition to reinstate the guy that voices 47. I would love to get my name on that and strongly encourage all other Hitman fanatics to do the same. I think it will be a shame if they release Absolution without him and the lady that voices Diana. I have to throw Jesper Kyd in there again too, as in my opinion, he was one of the biggest contributors the the Hitman games with his fantastic soundtracks. He will be a huge loss to the game.Im almost tempted, as hard as it will be as ive been waiting soo long for this game, to boycott this game completely and start an online petition urging others to do the same unless they reinstate David Bateson and Mr Jesper Kyd.


23rd Sep 2011, 20:53
I like how everyone is complaining about the amount of action, it's like they refuse to do any sort of research on blood moneys trailers......Keep complaining