View Full Version : Ezekiel Sanders : ?! (Spoiler inside)

6th Sep 2011, 17:56
Hi there folks,

I just saved Josie Thorpe from Ezekiel Sanders, but there is something in the convo with Sanders that really confused me. At one point Sanders said something along the lines of: 'The Puto who tricked my brother thought he had us beat.'

This really confuses me... I assume 'the Puto' is the hacker, but what does this have to do with Sanders brother? No where before was his brother mentioned. Is his brother the 'victim' the hacker used to try and steal the Typhoon?

Really confused here. Sorry.

Also, when you stay in Sarif HQ for to long, the hostages end up dead. However, when you get the quest to save Jodie, the log still says 'Jodie's husband Greg, wants you to save her.' I did not speak to Greg, since he's dead, I assume this is something the devs forgot to change.

Thanks everyone!

6th Sep 2011, 17:59
Play through the game, you'll find out :)

6th Sep 2011, 18:01
Thought so. ;)

I was just really confused because he started to mention his brother out of nowhere, I was starting to think I missed an important convo somewhere in the game.

Thanks =)

6th Sep 2011, 21:35
According to his bio on the screen, he has 2 brothers. iirc

I wonder if 1 of them is in the 1st mission too. :)