View Full Version : is Neuropozyne too expansive?

6th Sep 2011, 16:53
OK every one with augmentation (minus Jensen) suppose to take Neuropozyne, all over the game augmentation are becoming more widespread in the general, however bit of me can't help but think the medicine seem so pricey that no one could afford it (keeping augmentation to become more mainstream). In one newspaper one a famous singer seem to complain about how expansive it is, yet she probably has a couple millions in the bank, if she find it expansive how could regular people afford augmentation?

7th Sep 2011, 01:58
They do not say how expensive it is or to what extent you have to take it...

It is possible that more augments mean a higher dose of the drug. The singer was described as being fully augmented. Maybe having just an arm replaced meant less of the drug, therefore less expensive.