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6th Sep 2011, 09:47
Hello there everyone,
With the recent release of the newest Deus Ex game I thought some of you might be interested in watching (or re-watching) a couple of fan films that I have created over the past couple of years, which are based around the original Deus Ex game.


The first video is my original fan film created back in 2008 and centers around one of the first missions of the original game.

The second video is my most recent Deus Ex fanfilm which centers around Gunther Hermann and Anna Navarre back when they were the prime agents.

Since Deux Ex Human Revolution has been released my interest in creating another short fan film based upon the Deus Ex universe has peaked, so if anyone has any interesting ideas they would like to share feel free to post them.

Enjoy the films!:D

6th Sep 2011, 10:20
good stuff:D

13th Sep 2011, 08:44
Thanks for the comment!
I just thought that you guys might be interested in my latest project which I have just recently completed.

It's called Battle Legends and tells the tale of two young gamers who are transported back to a fantastical time with orcs and dragons, they then have to try and figure out a way to try and get home.

Here is a quick poster I created to promote the short film -

UPDATE - Battle Legends Episode One is now available on the Machinima Youtube Channel and is available for viewing here - Battle Legends: Episode One (Machinima) - YouTube (http://youtu.be/wMC6CcOvVvU)

Enjoy the film!

Agent Denton
13th Sep 2011, 13:33
Are you serious? Will have to check these out when I get a second. Man I tell you what would be tight to see is a follow up on what you think happened to Sarif and his company and if/how they lead the way for augmentation and then maybe having Page and his scumbags doing some corporate espionage??? Or maybe give us something from when Adam was with SWAT and how he refused that order to kill that kid? Hell what ever you come up with I am sure it will be tight.

Turns out I saw your JC film a waaaaaaaays back. Good stuff man.

13th Sep 2011, 14:51
I love this video. Thanks for reminding me about it. :P

13th Sep 2011, 16:31
interesting films... just the voice acting is a bit weird in the Navarre movie.
If you plan to make another short Deus Ex fan film, you could do the battle between Simons and Denton. =)

18th Sep 2011, 17:20
Thanks for all the comments guys!
So for ideas we have -

The Aftermath of Sarif Industries
Adam Jensen in SWAT
The Simons and Denton fight

I also thought of perhaps a fight between Gunther Hermann and Paul Denton in the 'Ton Hotel.

If anyone else has any thoughts, then please let me know!

2nd Oct 2011, 10:18
Now Eidos can concentrate developing new projects. A first project it will be a Deus Ex movie. I will be the first to go on cinema to watch it, but i think those kind of games won't have a possible movie, to bad, coz, they will be epic movies. So, let's stick to the games (i don't agree, i want to see a movie) and let's give eidos a game idea. I want to see a game with Adam Jensen when he was still in SWAT. How about a game with a story with Adam Jensen before DEHR?? Not those kind of SWAT games where the character goes with the swat team to rescue hostages or killing bad criminals, no, just Jensen with missions, alone, so we can see why he was fired from SWAT or why he leaves etc. What do you say?:)

2nd Oct 2011, 10:38
Maybe you could adapt a fight from Icarus Effect. :P

13th Oct 2011, 15:34
I just thought that I should let everyone know that Battle Legends Episode One has been taken onboard by Machinima! And is now available on the Machinima Youtube Channel at - Battle Legends: Episode One (Machinima) - YouTube (http://youtu.be/wMC6CcOvVvU)