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5th Sep 2011, 21:51
Note to all: please post in this thread all your suggestions for a patch- only post your ideas and dont respond to anybodies suggestions. This way if the developers decide to read through it will be clean & not full of arguments. Thank you. Now if eidos montreal decide to do a patch/update they will have an idea what everybody wants

my Patch requests(on Xbox360)-

1. please fix the laser sight glitch that effects accuracy

2. please add customisable controls

3. please fix motherly ties quest dialogue glitch

4. please add the plasma rifle earlier into the game- as far as i know you can only get it right before panchea, meaning you only get to use it on the last level. i want to use it properly & upgrade it.

5. this request is crazy, here goes- please could you patch in some human enemies on panchea. my suggestion- they arrive by icarus landing system from a helicopter- you would encounter and kill the first set of crazed humans then the real enemies arrive(prefferably illuminati hired mercs who are also attempting to shut down darrows signal) then all the crazed humans are slain by the mercs. these mercs will be numourous and deadly- carrying plasma rifles and heavy rifles.

6. please add a hardcore gamer difficulty mode- in this mode all xp given is reduced by 50%, enemies take 40% more damage than give me deus ex mode, heavy brutes sometimes carry plasma rifles, enemies throw all grenade types more often, panchea is ambushed by mercs. heavy brutes are immune to takedowns or counter them. the damage jensen takes stays the same as give me dx mode (3 pistol bullets to kill jensen without dermal armour)

6th Sep 2011, 00:37
no one wants a patch?