View Full Version : PS3 mods/editing tools?

4th Sep 2011, 05:24
It sounds a little weird, I know, but the inventory mod and such would be nice to have on the PS3 version I spent so much money on. I mean, I didn't even get all the features I'm entitled to since I paid for them...Not saying that it matters.

As an example, Borderlands has an editor that you can use cross platform (PS3>360>PC) called WillowTree.

Couldn't there be something similar, only not half as abusable for DXHR? It doesn't matter too much, I'm enjoying the hell out of the game (Doing a non-lethal stealth playthrough on my third run) but it would be nice to have something of the sort.

Also, in before "Cheater." That's a negative, ghost rider. Also, there's so many Hidden Trophies. For like...No reason. Got most of them though.

4th Sep 2011, 06:12
Remember that this is an unofficial mod, so there's no chance of seeing it on the PS3 unless there was first an official equivalent for it. The closest you can hope for for consoles is a save editor so you can hack the saves to achieve a similar result.