View Full Version : [X360] Bug @Hive: no <<Speak with "X" key>> window

3rd Sep 2011, 18:23
Hi guys.. Unluckily I'm stuck with a bug in the Hive. I was speaking with the manager but I got nothing more than a "hey, go on your own way". Then I tried to exit the Hive but a door guard warned me that the second barman (the one in the same floor of the exit door) wanted to to talk with me -- turning to be the new main quest target.

The problem is that when I go near to him no <<Speak with "X">> window does appear! I have no way to start a conversation.. I tried also to exit/return in the disco but this didn't solve the problem. Finally, I tried to load another savegame, but still with no result. What do I am supposed to do? I play a X360 PAL ITA version.

In fact I talked him previously: he has been the first person I managed to speak once entered the Hive, (automatically) asking where I could find Tong. He replied that "Everybody does search for Tong", suggesting me to visit the higher floor. But now I can't speak with him again.. :(