View Full Version : Blank screen during intro

3rd Sep 2011, 16:27
Anyone else had this? I can'y get the game to run without having everything turned off and the resolution set to 800x600. However, this only gets me to the title screen.

When I start a new game, all I get is the subtitles, and the voices, but no video. PLus the same scene of the woman telling someone to hurry up just repeats over and over.

Is there a fix for this?

3rd Sep 2011, 20:17

I'm trying to find answers, but all I can see is a bunch of Eidos apologists saying "hey dood, I think ur harddrive must be totally broken!"

I know it's not my hardware, because it only does it on this game. Also, everyone is complaining about how broken this game is, so again, it must be this game.

Having to choose settings from 1998 just to get the title screen to load is bad enough, but I'd at least expect to be able to PLAY this gane, considering I paid £40 for it.