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3rd Sep 2011, 15:54
I'm at the end of Omega Ranch ive uploaded the virus but the door doesn't open and now im stuck and can go no further.
does anyone have a work around for this at all?

4th Sep 2011, 19:36
Unfortunately, I had the same problem !
I don't see that stuck early enough and I loose my auto and quick saves...
So now I no solution to continue !

5th Sep 2011, 14:01
I am experiencing the exact same issue. Sadly I have not used any save other than the default Auto Save so I am unable to load from a previous point where this glitch does not occur, and after 15 hours into the game I do not want to restart from the beginning.

I don’t know if the Dev’s have been able to reproduce this issue or find a possible fix but if it helps, when playing this level I hacked the signal jammer console early on in the mission but did not disable the jammer until after I had uploaded the virus.

I would greatly appreciate it if there can be a fix implemented because I don’t want to restart the game but want to finish playing this awesome, epic game to the end :)

Thanks in advance!

Rodeo Rex
5th Sep 2011, 16:57
I've just stumbled upon this issue also (Xbox).

I uploaded the virus, threw down an EMP mine for the robot, then sprinted ahead of the guards that ran out of the door to take them out easier. Alas it seems like the bloody door has closed behind them and I can't proceed any further.

I saved my game after I took out the guards, then whilst looking for another way in I went for a walk around the level and a couple of autosaves have occured overwriting the previous autosaves. Therefore I'm stuck and have probably wasted an entire week. Grrr.

5th Sep 2011, 18:14
Same issue. Hacked the terminal, uploaded the virus, went roaming back down the hall before returning, (overwriting the auto saves,) only to find 1 guard and the end door closed..

11th Sep 2011, 18:14
Is this forum read by anyone who could do something for this bug or it is only for customer useless report ?

fresh fish 101
13th Sep 2011, 05:16
Is this forum read by anyone who could do something for this bug or it is only for customer useless report ?

this forum is overseen by moderators and administrators who then pass on the info to the game developers. what the developers do about the issues i have noooooo idea. :/

17th Sep 2011, 09:25
The problem have been corrected since last patch !
I can continue the game without restart all game !
Thx to dev.

2nd Oct 2011, 05:21
I just encountered this problem on the PS3. In my case, the doors at the end of the hallway near the room where you upload the virus never opened. This was both before and after I uploaded it. After wandering around trying to see if something would trigger them to open, the game autosaved numerous times so those end up being pointless. The last hard save I have was right after I uploaded the virus, and the door still isn't/won't open.

3rd Oct 2011, 06:15
I uploaded a video here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gopGpo6houY

6th Oct 2011, 03:06
Bump, have not been able to advance at all.

8th Oct 2011, 19:52
I've also encountered this issue on the 360. It might have been because I walked away from the door once I flipped the switch, and went all the way back to the turret in the courtyard. When I returned, one guard was standing outside who later went through the unopened doors. I can't get in.

If there's been a patch recently, I haven't seen or heard anything about it.