View Full Version : will Preorder Bonuses be Available later?

2nd Sep 2011, 22:36
Hello team eidos montreal and deus ex community.

I dont like the idea of DLC nor exclusive stuff that are left out of the game on purpose , no matter however. I truly belive the team put in his heart and soul to make this game happen, it did, and it is remarkable so ill gladly bite the pillow this time.
as a crazed fan since 2007 (when i first played dx1) even the thought that i can not ''own'' every asset of the game maddens me to no end.

i had no oportunity to preorder DX:HR from store,but did preordered the augmented edition from steam.
now, because i can read im well aware it included no in game bonuses even if it was prordered and aug edt.

so id like to get an answer to my question:will Preorder Bonuses be Available later for download? (Tongs rescue,sniper,shoty,aud,the grenadelauncher remote detonating bomb etc.)

please put my mind to ease and others are porbably keen to know too.

awaiting answers from mods or educated players on this matter.

have a nice day

2nd Sep 2011, 22:40
Possible but I doubt any time soon since the pre order bonuses for fallout new vegas are only now going to be released almost a year after the game first came out. I expect It will take at least that long for the exclusivity deals to wear out in DXHR’s case.

2nd Sep 2011, 22:40
Most likely, you might have to wait around a month though.
But honestly,you're not missing that much. The mission was pretty boring (more like an added objective than an added mission) and the silenced sniper (which, imo is the only good weapon from the preorder, although I will admit I didn't try the grenade launcher) takes up too much damn space. The explosives are decent, but not necissary.

2nd Sep 2011, 22:45
its still missing content i want to replay it whith all the bells and whistles.

2nd Sep 2011, 22:56
At least for the 360 version the Explosive Mission Pack was a small unlock code. What this means is that the mission and weapons are already on your disc. The pre-order bonus merely unlocks them making the mission and items available in-game. I would wager that the same applies to the other pre-order bonuses.

I personally hate it when your pre-order bonus is an unlock code as it means the disc you paid for has content on it that is being restricted. I can only hope that Eidos makes this content available to everyone for free as charging any additional amount for content on the disc that they purchased is shady at best.

3rd Sep 2011, 01:35
I see them being added for free down the line.

Herbert Dashwood
3rd Sep 2011, 01:57
The pre-order bonuses for L.A. Noire came out a month after the game came out. So it's possible to see to relatively soon.