View Full Version : Do the shops ever update themselves?

2nd Sep 2011, 21:27
Okay so I've been to the shops all around Detroit and Hangsha, I'm in Jensen's flat at the moment at my second Detroit Visit.

But the same old **** is in every single shop. I could use some ammo or some variation of whats being sold, even worse, when I've bought everything the shop stays empty.

Is this an issue?

2nd Sep 2011, 21:30
Shops don't restock as far as I know.
Though I found that there are plenty of goodies to be found elsewhere if you explore.

2nd Sep 2011, 21:35
You revisit each of the two city hubs later on, and when you do so, the shops restock. They won't do so otherwise, however.

Frag Maniac
2nd Sep 2011, 23:16
What about plasma rifle and ammo availability, and the laser gun I hear about but haven't seen yet? Are either of these available in the first half of the game? At first I thought the silenced sniper rifle was preorder only, but this play through I found one in an armory at Tai Yong Medical just before the 2nd boss.

Seems awfully bad game design if you can get weapons like the heavy machine gun, rocket launcher and silencer sniper rifle less than halfway through the game, but have to wait until the last part of the game to get the plasma rifle, which I did find last play through, but not until Panchaea.

2nd Sep 2011, 23:24
The plasma rifle is something special and very powerful. It makes sense you get it last.

Frag Maniac
2nd Sep 2011, 23:35
The plasma rifle is something special and very powerful. It makes sense you get it last.It WOULD make sense were the last level and especially the final boss fight worthy of having their own "special" weapon, but they aren't. In fact there are plenty of places in the game where if you play a heavy combat style it would be just as useful if not more so.

I don't think it's necessary to reiterate that the rocket launcher is available early on, and it has a max damage rating. So it comes down to perhaps what one considers "special". In a game like this is a plasma rifle really all that unique? It's not like we haven't seen one in countless other futuristic games.

The game is heavily advertised as having many ways to play it, yet they confine you to ONE level with one of the more interesting weapons to use? A level that many feel isn't all that inspiring in the first place. Seems like a waste to me. It's not that the plasma rifle is a gotta have weapon, it's that you finally get to it so you can use something other than the tired old usual arsenal, but have very limited places to use it.