View Full Version : Patch adding a stats menu?

2nd Sep 2011, 05:40
I was wondering if there are any plans or if you guys are considering adding a stats menu, or some sort of indicator somewhere in the game where it shows how many people you've killed, alarms you've set off etc.

It would be very useful for people going for the pacifist, foxiest of the hounds run. There are instances in the game where if you stun or tranq someone, they die. A person could go a whole game thinking they haven't killed anyone only to not get the trophy/achievement because of this.

Anyways, great game guys. One of the best I've ever played, definitely the best this year for me.

2nd Sep 2011, 06:10
This is a very good idea. Hope this gets implemented at some point.

2nd Sep 2011, 09:24
I'd like it, not for achievement purposes but just for my own interest, and possibly for metagaming - I still fondly remember a competition, on a forum I used to visit, of who could get the longest fall without dying in Spider-Man 2 on the Xbox. I'm sure similar things would be possible with DXHR if we had a stats menu!

2nd Sep 2011, 09:56
nice idea!

2nd Sep 2011, 09:58
yeah i am playing on 360 and DXHR is def one of the best games i have ever played!! its that good :)
a stats thing would be great as i wanna check how many hours i have played lol!

2nd Sep 2011, 12:18
I was very disappointed they didn't have this. I was hoping to at least have something at the end of the game like Metal Gear Solid, letting you know how long it took, how many kills, alarms, food items used...etc.

2nd Sep 2011, 12:35
Would greatly appreciate this. So many dodgy moments in this game where I'm not 100% sure if I've actually tripped an alarm, or if someone has died without me knowing etc.

2nd Sep 2011, 15:50
i was thinking this exact same thing, a detailed stats sheet like something youd get in a gta game would be great,
even doing some sort of online leaderboards of some sort tied in with your stats sheet would be even better laugh