View Full Version : Failed social battle with Tong in the Hive, can't enter office to get xp ebook

2nd Sep 2011, 04:35
I failed the social Battle with Tong in the Hive so I don't have access to the basement and his office. I hacked the door to get in the basement and knocked the guard out but Tong remains in his office and I can't enter (I can only see through the vent).

Do you know if his door will be opened/unlocked later in the game? Is there something I can do to make him come out or something?

I'm at my second playthrough and I'm doing the doctorate trophy, so far it's the only one missing I can't seem to find a workaround to get it.

Unfortunately my last save is too far so I'm looking for an alternate solution.


2nd Sep 2011, 15:51
is it possible to enter tongs officer the second time we are in Hengsha%

6th Sep 2011, 16:08

6th Sep 2011, 16:10
You cannot reenter The Hive on your second visit to Hengsha. :(

6th Sep 2011, 18:15
I seem to remember another entry into his office via a vent, but to be a real pain I can't remember where it is.

It's possible that its behind a large crate or vending machine, if its a large crate use a gun if you don't have the right aug's.